Another novel by elizabooks

About Ruby Sanders

Ruby Sanders is my entry for the National November Writer’s Challenge.

Ruby Sanders is the coming of age story of a young black woman born into slavery and her transformation as she travels west from war torn Atlanta to the promised land of Colorado – from slavery to freedom.

Ruby is the daughter of Nava Jobo (a first generation slave) and Ruth Sanders (a second generation slave who knows how to survive in a White world).

Nava, Ruth, and Ruby were all owned by the Anderson family.

When it is learned by the ‘do-gooding’ Helen Wilkes – that the Anderson family has fallen on hard times and that their son, Jared, is practically being raised by Ruby’s family, she convinces Winifred Anderson to send her young son away to a boarding school in the North.

Years later Jared returns to the South, when his family is threaten by the Civil War and Sherman’s march toward Atlanta.  He has come up with a plan to move his family west to Colorado.

However, Jared’s plan has one major flaw – no money.  Jared’s father has spent the family’s fortune on loose women and drink.  To carry out his plan Jared must agree to marry Penelope Wilkes –  Helen’s daughter, and include the Wilkes family in his move west.  But Jared’s heart has belongs elsewhere.  Will Jared agree to marry Penelope?  What has happened to Ruby while Jared was away?

Ruby Sanders takes a look at the consequences of having a choice and of having no choice at all.

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